Austrains X class in VR and V/Line colours.

Diesel Electric Locomotives

X class

The Victorian Railways X class is a Co-Co diesel electric mainline locomotive built by Clyde Engineering between 1966 and 1975. They we almost immediately put to use on the standard gauge between Melbourne and Sydney, accompanying the already in service S class locomotives.

Due to three orders consisting of a total of 24 locomotives, the X class features some difference within the class between separate orders, such as windows in the cab, nose size and other minor alterations. Two additional locomotives were part of the second order to replace the two S class locomotives destroyed in the Southern Aurora train crash of 1969.

All are still in service, with six having been rebuilt as the XR class locomotive by Pacific National. These rebuilds feature larger engines for bigger power output as well as cosmetic changes to the cab and hood. The second Austrains run features some welcomed improvements over the first order.

The changes include separately applied air hoses and uncoupling rods in the pilot area, etch number boards and different numbers and livery designs. They feature a 5 pole skew wound motor driving all wheels and contain all wheel pickup. Scale handrails complement separate detail components such as mirrors, windscreen

X37 in Freight Victoria livery.

wipers, directional headlights and scale hood rails. Although they are supplied with plastic Kadee compatible couplers, these models have been fitted with the Kadee No. 58 scale coupler.