Victorian Railways AW as built from a Steam Era Models kit.


W passenger carriages

The Victorian Railways had an extensive fleet of wooden bodied passenger carriages and guard's vans throughout its operation, with some still in use as late as the mid 1980s.

The AW, BW, CW and ABW cars were built from about 1911 onwards, and travelled much of the VR network. Although similar in design to the E type passenger carriages, the W cars are shorter and when built featured four-wheeled bogies as opposed to the E class' six-wheel bogies. In the 1920s, new stock was built, with the new carriages featuring elliptical roofs instead of clerestory roofs, as the original 1911-18 cars did.

In 1926 more cars were built, but to a longer length. However, due to the lesser capacity of the W class passenger carriages, they were to be phased out of service much faster than the similarly aged E class passenger carriages.

Modified ABW, built from cutting and splicing AW and BW kits.

Several examples of the class are preserved with preservation societies.

These W cars are built from SEM kits, with Kadee couplers and feature passenger car red paint schemes.

Elliptical roofs have been produced as castings and can currently be purchased from Ian Lindsay Models, to replace the clerestory style provided with the SEM kit.