TP 5, painted with passenger car red,as in operation on the Mildura line.


T iced van

The Victorian Railways built the first refrigerated T vans in the late 1800s, initially with a short 10'6'' wheelbase, then later a six-wheeled variety which had a 15' wheelbase. These later vans were converted to four wheel operation with coupler exchange in the 1930s.

The wagons were refrigerated by way of an ice trough in the roof, with three access ports as can be seen in the pictures. As the water melted it was drained via the waste chutes at the ends of the wagons.

In the 1950s and '60s, five T vans of the long wheelbase variety were converted to bogie vehicles for

operation on the Mildura line for the transport of fruit. These were numbered TP1-5.

Steam Era provides a kit suitable for TP 4 and 5, which differed from TPs 1-3. These wagons fell out of use by

T 40 standard 10'6'' wheelbase iced van.

the late 1970s, and like the rest of the T van fleet, were written off by the early 1980s.