Different eras. The predecessor and successor side by side.

Steam Locomotives

S class

The S class is a Victorian Railways 4-6-2 express passenger 'Pacific' locomotive. First introduced in 1928, these locomotives were intended to replace the double heading of A2 class locomotives on the Albury line. A total of four members of the class were built at Newport Workshops in Melbourne.

In 1937, the four locomotives were modified and streamlined in preparation for the all new 'Spirit of Progress' express passenger train between Melbourne and Albury. Originally painted in wagon red, the four locomotives were soon presented in the regal VR blue and gold livery.

The four members were each named after people of historical significance to Australia and Victoria; S300 - Matthew Flinders; S301 - Sir Thomas Mitchell; S302 - Edward Henty and; S303 - C. J. La Trobe.

This locomotive is Steam Era Model's second releasing about 2003. It was manufactured by DJH of England and can be built as either an original coal fired engine or 1945 onwards oil burning loco. All four numbers are provided for the builder's pleasure.

The massive tenders allowed for non-stop running between Melbourne and Albury.

The kit is composed of mainly brass etchings and white metal castings with lost wax casts for detail items such as lamps and valves. It is quite clean for a DJH kit and requires only minimal cleaning of burs, flashing and imperfections.

The motor is a Mashima type fitted horizontally in the firebox to drive the middle driving wheel. All wheels feature stainless steel tyres. There is plenty of room for the fitting of a DCC chip and/or sound decoder.

The kit comes with fully detailed instructions and exploded diagrams for ease of understanding. S300 'Matthew Flinders' features the elegant VR blue and gold with black wheels and under carriage detail. It is finished in pristine condition as these engines were often seen in.