Trainorama S class in VR and V/Line colours.

Diesel Electric Locomotives

S class

The Victorian Railways S class are a mainline diesel electric locomotive introduced by the VR from 1957 onwards. A Co-Co wheel arrangement, the S class was immediately placed into service for mainline passenger and freight trains, such as the Spirit of Progress. This released the lesser abled B class units for use elsewhere.

The Victorian Railways did away with the second cab that was a feature of the B class and instead opted for a superior power output that the S provided. The class operated and continues to operate on both broad and standard gauge.

Weighing in at 116 tonnes, the S class were built by Clyde Engineering's Granville plant, and are capable of 130km/h running. Unfortunately, the S class has been involved in some serious rail accidents in Victoria, and the first two locomotives were scrapped in 1969.

These models are Trainorama's first VR locomotive, featuring highly detailed and scale parts and excellent mechanisms. The locomotives are available in three main livery schemes with a couple of varieties of each scheme, representative of the individual locomotive. They are VR blue and gold, V/Line and Freight Australia.

S310 named after George Higinbotham, former Cheif Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

They feature DCC readiness, scale uncoupling rods, air hoses and handrails, sanding gear and etched number boards. The models also feature directional lighting. Examples of the small differences between each model include the presence or absence of valences, builder's plates, radio equipped stickers and name boards for each locomotive.

The models are provided with scale all metal knuckle couplers, compatible with Kadee couplers.