Mildura Railway History
- By Bruce McLean

This CD is a fantastic resource not just for those interested in the history of the Mildura Railway Line but Victoria's railways in general.

Within the publication is a great wealth of information, the opening and closing dates for various sections and branches between Woomelang and Mildura, histories of individual stations, passenger services and safeworking.

To compliment more than 400,000 words are a variety of newspaper articles, official documentation, safeworking, maps and more than 3,500 photos.

For those interested in both 1:1 scale and modelling, this CD offers an invaluable selection of items that would fit on any Victorian prototype layout, such as station platforms, temporary station buildings and background scenery. The CD sells for a very respectable $30 plus $5 postage. Cheques and money orders are accepted.

To find out more or to order a CD, contact Bruce via mclean[at]bigpond.net.au - Don't forget to replace the '[at]' with an '@' symbol.

Bruce's address is as follows;

PO Box 6056
Lansell Plaza, Victoria, 3555.