K 161 stands by K 184. Both feature a pressed pilot and welded tender.

Steam Locomotives

K class

The K class is a Victorian Railways 2-8-0 light lines 'consolidation' locomotive. The first batch of 10 locomotives were built in 1922 and numbered K100 to K109. In 1940, the K class was added to with more than forty new engines. The original ten were re-numbered 140-149, and the new order followed on.

The new batch saw some minor changes to the class, such as welded tenders, added smoke deflectors, removal of cab windows, improved funnel design as well as box pok wheels. Some of these changes such as tenders and smoke deflectors were also made to the existing fleet.

K161 was a regular North-Eastern line locomotive, often working out of Benalla and Wangaratta with goods and passenger trains bound for Bright, Beechworth, Rutherglen and other locations in north eastern Victoria. It is finished off with a plate pilot and welded tender.

K100 is finished off in pre-war condition with electric lighting. It features a fluted tender and latice pilot. The builder's plate is present underneath the number plate on the cab while the smokebox lacks the smoke deflectors fitted to locomotives after their front ends were modified.

Steady as she goes!

These are Broad Gauge Models kits, consisting of brass and whitemetal components and etched nickel silver parts.

They house a Mashima motor in the firebox which powers the last driving wheel in the locos. Electrical pickup is via the loco on one side and the tender on the other. They feature Kadee couplers on both the tender and the loco front.

The locomotives are finished off with a slightly weathered look.