7 AE built from a Steam Era Models kit.


E passenger carriages

The Victorian Railways had an extensive fleet of wooden bodied passenger carriages and guard's vans throughout its operation, with some still in use as late as the mid 1980s. Originally coded as xVE, reclassification resulting in the E cars being coded xE from 1910.

Originally built with 6 wheel bogies (with exception to later CE vans), a number of cars began to be fitted with the four wheel 'Spirit of Progress' bogies.

36AE was used as a trial for the provision of air conditioning services in the passenger fleet in 1935.

2CE below is presented in the Victorian Railways blue and gold scheme. In actuality, it may never have carried this scheme as it is ex-V&SAR stock. Photos have not been found to verify its paint scheme. It is a cast resin kit by the former Northern Models.

Northern Models CE van.

The Northern Models casting has had many additions and improvements, such as SEM bogies and wheel sets, SEM undercarriage detailing, guard's steps and wire handrails fitted. Left over tail discs and lamps from locomotive kits have also been put to good use.

Above is an SEM AE passenger carriage kit. It actually incorporates additional sides cut from an AW kit, as the E class and W class passenger cars had the same cross section. It has been detailed with brake detail and fitted with Kadee #58 couplers.

Below is an SEM BE kit which goes together in much the same way as the AE.




21 BE.