D luggage van

The D luggage van was first coded by VicRail in 1983, for use as additional capacity for country passenger rail services. Originally built as BP and BB box vans in the late 1950s, the wagons have seen VR red, V/Line red and various V/Line passenger colour schemes since their change in use.

The 'T' was designated to notify of 'through cabling' for head end power.

This wagon has been built from three of Steam Era Models' four wheel B box van wagons, to get the necessary length for the ribbed sides. The wagon sits on a newly fabricated styrene underframe and one of the B box van doors has been reversed to be facing the correct way.

The depths of the sides were extended to represent the full depth side sills in a similar fashion to the E open wagon and two B box van roofs were set together to form one long correct length roof.

Model Etch brake ratchet and shunter's steps have been used.