Victorian Railways B class by Auscision Models.

Diesel Electric Locomotives

B class

The Victorian Railways B class was the first mainline diesel electric locomotive delivered in Victoria (the F class shunting units preceded them).

Built between 1951 and 1953 by Clyde Engineering at Granville, the class totalled 26 in number and began to displace the 1928 built Victorian Railways S class pacifics on the Spirit of Progress almost immediately.

The locomotives soon began to infiltrate the rest of the VR system, effectively beginning the dieselisation of the Victorian Railways.

The locomotives feature a Co-Co wheel arrangement, and a weight of 114 tonne. The B class have a maximum permissible speed of 130km/h. Many underwent conversion to the V/Line A class in the 1980s, with many others scrapped since 1982.

VicRail B83 in the short lived 'tea-cup' livery.

Because of the significant changes to the Victorian railway environment in the 1990s, the B class locomotives have seen some distinctively varied liveries.

On top of the VR blue and gold, tea-cup and V/Line tangerine and grey liveries, the B class have also appeared in West Cost Railways blue, white and yellow, Southern Shorthaul Railroad yellow and black, Chicago Freight Car Leasing silver and blue along with the specially prepared Auscision red, silver and yellow.

Currently, many still remain in operation, either as preserved units or with private operators, both on broad gauge and standard gauge, throughout Victoria and New South Wales.

These models, recently produced by Auscision Models, featured highly detailed bodies with etched number plates, separately applied hoses, handles, horns, wires and more. The incorporate 5-pole motors with dual flywheels which drive all wheels.

Each Locomotive is detailed to its particular prototype, with modifications carried out to suit. Examples are detailed below.

WCR's B61 to the right has sheeted over staff exchanger slots, cut away valence and ladders for crew on the pilot.

B74 features the as delivered display of the builder's plate (below), polished brass number plate and nose door.

B83 has its nose door welded shut, features the 'Radio Equipped' stickers on the cab sides and also has a cut away valence.

All locomotives are delivered with scale size knuckle couplers, however these have been replaced with all metal Kadee scale couplers.

West Coast Railways refurbished B61.

Clyde builder's plate on B74.

The B class has been produced by others including Precision Scale Models, who produce a brass model.