Standard VR wagon red B box van.


B box van

The railways saw the need for new four-wheeled vans for general purpose in the early '50s.

Beginning in the late '50s, an order for 400 wagons began to be filled, although only 380 were built. These wagons were built onto scrapped underframes from older stock.

Continuing in traffic until the early 1990s, the wagons saw use on much of the VR and V/Line's railway network, what was left of it.

All wagons were painted in VR wagon red except for a single wagon, 226, which was painted in wagon yellow in the 1970s for use as a departmental wagon.


These models are Steam Era kits, featuring additional detail such as shunters' steps and handbrake and Kadee

B 226, for departmental work.


The decals for B 226 are from Bill's Billboards.