Former B class B60 was renamed Sir Harold Clapp when converted to A60.

Diesel Electric Locomotives

A class

The V/Line A class is a Co-Co diesel electric mainline locomotive rebuilt by Clyde Engineering between 1984 and 1985. They were rebuilt from the B class Co-Co diesel electrics, to provide additional power and efficiency.

Their class totalled 11, and were initially delivered in the V/Line orange and grey livery. The locomotives are capable of 130km/h running and produce 2,500hp.

Initially, all B class locomotives were intended to be converted, however due to cost the V/Line N class order was extended while the A class order was halted.

These models are Auscision Models first Victorian locomotive, featuring 5-pole motor, with dual flywheels which drive all wheels. Each locomotive is detailed individually to recreate the prototype it is meant to represent.

Locomotive details include etched number plates, metal handrails, presence or absence of builder's plates, named features (such as A60's 'Sir Harold Clapp') and more, with a variety of painted schemes to suit the modeller's era.

Clyde builder's plate on A66.